Ramdevji Maharaj: We would like to express our thanks to Ramapir, for blessing us with the opportunity to create this website.

Sant Bapu: With his support, guidance and contribution, it has been possible to put together this website.

Navnitbhai C. Parmar: For his contribution and encouragement.

Bhauvnesh Kapdee: For his input and web designing contribution.

Amarshibhai S. Vara: For his contribution and encouragement.

Jayantibhai N Vadher: For his contribution, encouragement, and being our adviser.

Minesh N. Parmar: For his art work contribution.

Mrs Wendeleine Goel: For her contribution, proofreading and editing.

Bharat Gohil: For his designing and art work contribution.

Tarun Gohil: For his input, designing, and putting together this website.

Dharmendra Makwana: Contributing in photographing Ramdevpir Jayanti.

Jitesh Makwana: Designing and re-developing the website.

Guang Peng Li: Helping develop the website as well as providing design input.

Sailesh Makwana: Contributing in photographing Ramdevpir Jayanti.

Hanvantsingh Rajpurohit: For his input and help in translating this website.

To all who have provided their help and support in putting together this website.

Last but not least we would like to thank you all for visiting this website.

Jai Ramapir

Main Gujarati Literature on Ramapir for Reference:

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(2) Shri Ramdevcharit-Manas Ramayan by Shri Aniruddha Maharaj Guru Vishwanath - Publishers: Shri Harihar Pustakalaya, Surat. (1975)

(3) Bhagwan Ramdev Jivan Darshan by Sadhu Mohandas Meghdas - Publishers: Sadhu Mohandas Meghdas. (1997)