Maha Dharma Tithi Patra

Vikram Samvant 2076 (2019/2020 A.D.)

Bhagwan Shree Ramdevji Maharaj spread, the Principles and Practice of Nijya Dharma also called Maha Dharma or Bij Dharma during the Moghul Rule, in many parts of India.

For the followers of Maha Dharma, the orbit of the moon represents the cycle of a life form, from its birth right upto its death. Bij or the Second of each month is of great importance. They celebrate this special stage when the moon is in its second day which in astronomical terms is regarded as the day after. The moon will appear as depicted in any photograph of Bhagwan Shiv.

Shukla Paksha (Sudi) is the process of Bij transforming into the Full Moon. Krishna Paksha (Vadi) is the vice-versa, that is, the Full Moon turning into Bij and then into Amavasya (Amaas) which is the disappearance of the moon. Ashadhi Bij is supposed to be the most important day for Maha Dharma followers.

This leads one to demonstrate, in the form of a table, the Tithis important to the Jati-Sati (Male-Female) of the Bij Dharma, which can be called Maha Dharma Tithi Patra.