Foreword to Sant Bapu

The followers of Shree Ramdevji Maharaj (known as Ramapir) - practice the teachings based on the principles of Hindu religion - Sanatan Dharma (discipline and way of spiritual life) established by the Almighty God from time immemorial. Ramapir, considered to be the reincarnation of Lord Krishna, appeared on this earth in the year 1405 A.D. and performed miracles.

The Pãth (a ceremony) is held in private - behind closed doors only for the reason to avoid disturbance or distraction from unworthy elements.

Acceptance into the fraternity of the followers of Ramapir (Bhagats) used to be rigorous so that only worthy candidates with a hunger for the spritiual uplift would join the Pãth. In recent years enrolment into the Pãth has become liberal.

However, the practices remain authentic and efforts are made to keep the continuity of the ancient procedures.

Practices and procedures are unwritten and taught by a Sadhu (holy man) who would have inherited the knowledge of the Pãth from a parent or another Sadhu.

This web site is a result of a Sadhu whose great grand father was blessed with the knowledge of the Pãth by a saint in India. He became a Guru (teacher) and passed that knowledge on to his children and disciples. His grandson Shree Ramdasji Maharaj travelled abroad and was the pioneer Guru in Africa and lived in Kenya in a small town called Eldoret until his demise.

Santdas Ramdasji Meswania (known as Sant Bapu) who inherited the knowledge of the Pãth from his beloved father and other Sadhus has become the Guru in the United Kingdom who deserves acclaim for his knowledge of the Pãth and the practices of the Sanatan Dharma.

Sant Bapu is an accomplished singer of Bhajans (hymns) and Lok Sangeet (folk songs). He has published a book of Bhajans as well as producing an LP and audio cassettes of Bhajans which he sings to spread the words of Ramapir.

He has succeeded in winning hearts and the minds of many followers of Ramapir and worthy local residents. May God bless Sant Bapu with the wisdom, health and strength to spread the word of Ramapir to the world and give all human beings a chance to be enlightened.

Jayanti N. Vadher (disciple of Sant Bapu)