Our Mission

Some of our main tasks are to protect, preserve, promote, enrich, enhance and develop the Principles and Practice of Hinduism. By accomplishing these tasks through our contribution, we feel proud and satisfied of doing our duty as Hindus. This, in turn, greatly helps us to maintain our identity, heritage, culture, religion and education particularly among our present youngsters and future generations.

In 1979 Sant Bapu recorded a LP called "Santwani"and to launch this, a group was established in a small cal-de-sac of Wembley, Middlesex, U.K.

The pioneer members were:

Mrs. Krishnaben Ramdasji Meswania * Santdas Ramdasji Meswania Purshottambhai Shamjibhai Solanki (Das Bapa) * Haribhai Nathubhai Patel * Keshavjibhai Shamjibhai Gohil * Premjibhai Muljibhai Gadhvana * Amarshibhai Savjibhai Vara Shantilalbhai Kanjibhai Jagatia Liladharbhai Jadavjibhai Vadukul.

All unanimously agreed to a name, suggested by Premjibhai Muljibhai Gadhvana, for the group. This group was called Shree Ramdas Satsang Mandal, Wembley.

Some of our pioneer members have passed away, namely, Mrs. Krishnaben Ramdasji Meswania, Purshottambhai Shamjibhai Solanki, Haribhai Nathubhai Patel, Keshavjibhai Shamjibhai Gohil and Premjibhai Muljibhai Gadhvana.

In the later years, out of some of the other members who were in the Mandal, Natubhai Nanjibhai Vadher, Meghjibhai Purshottambhai Makwana and Damjibhai Purshottambhai Makwana have also since passed away.

We very much regret the losses we have suffered and which will never be filled but we are pleased to say that most of their respective representatives have since taken their places.

The present active members are Amarshibhai Savjibhai Vara, Navnitbhai Chhaganbhai Parmar (Kotwar), Govindbhai Dahyabhai Ladwa, Jayantibhai Nanjibhai Vadher (the elder brother of Natubhai), Manjibhai Ranchhodbhai Chavda, Madhavjibhai Arjunbhai Ladwa, Mayurbhai Liladharbhai Gohil, Bhikhubhai Bhagwanjibhai Jethwa, Mukeshbhai Savjibhai Parmar, Hirjibhai Bhimjibhai Vara and last but not least Bharat and Tarun Gohil(the two sons of Keshavjibhai Shamjibhai Gohil).

The spouses of the members are automatically the most respectable members of the Mandal.

The Contribution of the Mandal to the Hindu Community of the U.K. and elsewhere, includes the following:

1. From 1976 Sant Bapu was the first Gadipati in the U. K. to initiate a campaign of "No Smoking" at Paath - Prasadi functions. From 1979 onwards Shree Ramdas Satsang Mandal, made continuous efforts of informing and encouraging all Bhagats not to smoke at Paath- Prasadi events. Due to our campaigning, now all Bhagats who do smoke strictly observe the "No Smoking" ethos at Paath – Prasadi events in the U.K.

2. Released a LP of Gujarati Bhajans called " Santwani" by Sant Bapu. This was the second Gujarati record produced in U.K. (the first one was produced by Shri Gujarati Hindu Society, Preston).

3. Published a book named Shree Sant-Charit-Manas written by Sant Bapu.

4. Released a set of three audio cassettes again called "Santwani" sung by Sant Bapu.

5. Participated, wholly or partially, in various functions in the U.K.- Paaths, Baar Pahor Paaths, Bhajan Concerts etc- organised either by themselves or other organisations.

6. Some of the private religious publications have published articles and bhajans written by Sant Bapu.

7. East London Bhakta Mandal organised Shri Ramdev Bhakti Manas Parayan in East London under the guidance of Sant Bapu.

8. In 2001 we launched this World Wide Website, which is being continuously developed and also updated on a fairly regular basis. To our knowledge this has been the first ever website launched on Bhagwan Ramdevji Maharaj.

9. From time to time made donations in one form or another to Hospitals, Jagya or Ashrams (Hermitages) and Temples in India and Educational and Charitable Organisations in India and U.K.